Service and Repair

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Your roof is a major corporate asset and should be a management priority. There are three essential disciplines in getting the most from your roof.

Repair: A roofing repair becomes necessary as your roof ages or is damaged, call roof repair in Coventry CT any time you even think you have a leak. A timely roof repair minimizes damage to substrates and extend the life of your roof. Since your roof is an important part of your home, you should talk to residential roofing or commercial roofing professionals frequently if you need a roof repair or roof replacement for your home or your commercial property. If your home has metal roofing and you need a metal roof repair or roof replacement, contact us immediately so that we can asses and fix the damage.

Management: Managing your roof is about staying ahead of the elements and the aging process. Regular inspections identify potential problem areas and existing damage. All gutter systems need a proper gutter cleaning routine, traffic areas cannot be ignored, and structures on the roof are constantly subjected to the elements. Call your roofing contractors about scheduling inspections and setting up a maintenance program like gutter installation and repair, roof coating, etc.

Replacement: The average life expectancy of a commercial roof is typically 18 years. Replacing a roof will eventually be necessary. Doing a roofing replacement involves an entirely different set of considerations than during new construction; experience and flexibility of your commercial roofers count heavily. There are many options that vary from coatings and recovering to completely replacing the roof and deck as any given situation may dictate. Lan-Way Roofing Co., Inc. are residential roofer specialists expert in residential roofing construction and repair. We can guide you to the most cost effective method of bringing your roof up to your expectations.


  • Leak Repairs
  • Moisture Surveys
  • Roof repairs


  • Roof Inspections
  • Moisture Surveys
  • Scheduled Maintenance


  • recover systems
  • high quality coating systems
  • roof replacement
  • deck replacement
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